August wrap-up

August wrap-up

Monthly wrap-upStill going through a reading slump of sorts. I am very busy with other things besides reading. Studying, mostly, but I also had a lot of (fun) things going on during the weekends this summer. Even though I had to work really hard the past months, this has also been one of the most summer-y summers I’ve ever had, with festivals and day trips and everything!

I must say I miss reading a lot of books. I can’t wait for the JLPT exam to be over, so I feel less guilty spending time on things other than Japanese. Whether I actually pass the exam or not, I can at least give myself a break after it’s over!

Read in August

  1. 気まぐれロボット by Shin’ichi Hoshi
  2. 13 Secrets for Speaking Fluent Japanese by Giles Murray

Like July, I only finished two books this month. I’m not unhappy with this progress though. My goal is to read one Japanese book a month for the rest of 2015, and I succeeded at that. Non-Japanese related: I also started reading The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu. I love it so far (but am not making very quick progress).

Book haul
I bought a few books at the start of this month during the Deventer Book Fair:
August book haul
Really happy with all of them!

Reading in September
I will try to read another Japanese book in September. I started reading さわらないで by Kiyomi Niitsu, a horror novel. It’s quite readable so far and I don’t think I’ll have any trouble finishing it. And of course I want to finish The Dark Forest! Hopefully I can squeeze in another book…

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