July wrap-up

July wrap-up

Monthly wrap-upMy reading slump has continued but I wanted to write a blog post here anyway. In the past month I have not read many books but I have focused much of my time on my studies, which feels good. I’m making good progress on studying Japanese for the JLPT this December although I still doubt I’ll pass. But! I’m going to take the test in London, and I’ll be travelling there with part of my book club, so hurray! Anyway, I am happy to say studying Japanese has become a passion again as opposed to a vague hobby or even an obligation (oh, back in the days when I was still a student..).

Read in July

  1. Read Real Japanese Fiction: Short Stories by Contemporary Writers edited by Michael Emmerich
  2. ふわふわ by Haruki Murakami, illustrated by Mizumaru Anzai

… aaaaand that’s it for July. Pathetic, I know. But I am also currently reading five other books at the same time. One is Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls and Gadgets, which is amazing but I haven’t had the energy to pick it up for a while /sadface. There’s one project management related book (yawn). And then there’s a few Japanese-related books: Breaking Into Japanese Literature: Seven Modern Classics in Parallel Text which I’ve almost finished and is comparable to Read Real Japanese Fiction except with classic instead of modern fiction. 13 Secrets for Speaking Fluent Japanese is a nice little book with some interesting tips but not sure when I’ll finish that one. And last but not least the book I am currently actively reading: 気まぐれロボット (“The Whimsical Robot”) by Shin’ichi Hoshi, which is such a fun book to read and I’ll definitely be reviewing it here.

Book haul
Many books were bought under the guise of ‘study materials’ whoops
July book haul
I’m very happy with my book haul though! I got some Japanese literature that I found recommendations for (one of which I finished this month and one I’m currently reading), two grammar dictionaries (I already owned the intermediate one and these dictionaries are amazing), and a bunch of study books.

Reading in August
Hopefully I can finish Brave New Girls because it deserves it! And I want to finish that stupid project management book. Besides that I’ll continue to read stuff in Japanese because I neeeeeed it.

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