Kindle + Oberon cover

Kindle + Oberon cover

A few weeks ago I finally ordered a Kindle 3. I am a booksniffer with a part time job at a library, and yet I didn’t have to think twice about ordering a Kindle (after reading up on it, of course). I love traveling and I usually read at least two books at the same time, but I got really tired of carrying more than one around all the time (heavy and doesn’t fit in my girly purse, hah!). On top of that, I have to read a lot of pdf’s for my studies, which gave me 3 options: read from my laptop screen, print 3 trees worth of pdf’s every week, or not read them. Let’s just say that now that I’ve got my Kindle, I can not only carry around more than one book at a time, but I will also finally read all those pdf’s! I love my Kindle 🙂

Either way, this post wasn’t just to brag about my Kindle, but also the cover. I went luxurious and bought one at Oberon. I chose the Hokusai wave in navy blue (Japanese Studies…) and it’s so pretty and feels really good! Here’s some photos:

And the Kindle in the cover:

On another Kindle note: yes, it does comfortably read in sunlight! This photo was taken with my iPhone, which was absolutely unreadable in the sun by the way, but look at my Kindle! Just as good (if not better) than books!

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