Thursday Thoughts: Read-A-Thons

Thursday Thoughts: Read-A-Thons

Thursday Thoughts

Have you ever participated in a read-a-thon? If so, which one was it and what was your experience? If not, do you want to participate in one? Do you like the idea of read-a-thons? What’s your strategy going into a read-a-thon or a period of time where you just plan to make yourself read more than normal? Are there any tricks you use to encourage yourself during read-a-thons?

Read-a-thons are extremely tempting for me. I love the whole social aspect of it, plus getting some serious reading done. Yet… I seem to fail epically at them.

I’ve participated in two read-a-thons in the past and I experienced them quite differently. The first one was the Classics Club Read-a-thon and I enjoyed it! I loved chatting with other participants. But it was a 24-hour read-a-thon and I just can’t live without sleep haha. So I gave up halfway and went to sleep and didn’t get that much reading done.

The other read-a-thon was the famous Bout of Books read-a-thon. I loved that it was a week long, but it was too massive for me. There were so many participants that I felt like I couldn’t connect with the other participants. The Twitter party? Awful (sorry). So yes, overall this read-a-thon for me was not a success…

Despite the previous ‘failures’, I’d definitely participate again. I’d love to participate in another 24-hour one and see if I can actually make it (prognosis: lol no). But more ideally it’d be another week long one with a small group of bloggers. My goal would be the same as always: connect with other readers, and read more than normal. I also like to set some specific goals, like “finally finish this book that I’ve been having a hard time finishing”, or “read a bunch of books for x challenge”.

Anyone’s doing a read-a-thon any time soon? 😉

5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Read-A-Thons

  1. Never participated in a Read-a-thons and I’m not tempted. Just like you, I like the idea to connect with other readers but on the other hand, I’m put off with the concept of reading as much as you can and fast. It feels like pigging out on books: stuff in as much as you can. I can’t remember much of a book if I read it as quick as I can and switch to another one as soon as I’m finished.

    1. I don’t try to read as fast as possible during read-a-thons. I do try to read more than usual, but I do it by taking some more time out of my schedule 🙂 i.e. not watching tv but reading instead ^_^ I definitely don’t want to ruin the experience of reading!

  2. If you want a smaller week-long event, I’d suggest maybe some of the themed ones I’m always seeing. I’ve never taken part in any, since I prefer to read whatever I feel like at the time, but I’d guess they’d be smaller than something that’s wide-open.

    Bout of Books is my favorite because it’s exactly what I want from a read-a-thon. I’ve tried the 24-hour thing with Dewey’s last spring, and while I haven’t ruled out doing it again, it’s not really my thing. Even if I do, I’ll never be pushing to go the whole 24 hours, or altering my sleep plans in any way to accommodate it. I did sleep some, but it was way less than my norm, and I was miserable for about two days afterwards… not putting my body through that again.
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    1. Ohh I’d loved to participate in a themed read-a-thon! I am kind of addicted to theme months so a read-a-thon is very welcome too 🙂 I don’t know, as long as it’s not more than a month of reading the same type of book I actually really enjoy themed events 😀

      Yes! That’s exactly me and sleep XD I wish I was younger and without a full-time job lol

  3. I participated in some myself but not many because I can’t handle a 24h one either – I need sleep, and lots of it, so that’s a no go unless the book is so good I can’t sleep because of it. But generally, I often fail them because something ALWAYS comes up even when I have a good plan on reading loads. Maybe we have to go somewhere suddenly, or my Kindle is empty and power goes out or something of the sort, it’s happened before. Or the book is so shitty I cannot get back into reading. So I rarely do them. Not to mention I cannot keep up with people that read English as their native language. I’m good at it but not native good. So my stats always looks pathetic.
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