Thursday Thoughts: Book Tastes

Thursday Thoughts: Book Tastes

Thursday Thoughts *noms on book* Book Tastes Good.

Okay kidding, that is obviously not what this week’s Thursday Thoughts is about.

Currently, do you feel like you have a set genre or type of book that is your go-to and people know as “your genre?” Is there a genre that you’ve always loved or been drawn to in particular? Have you noticed your taste in books changing over time? Is there a genre or type of book that you used to love, but no longer read/enjoy? If so, what genre and why do you think that is?

Great topic, as usual! I suppose I have a few genres that I am really into, that I consider my go-to genres. These are on the whole also the genres I allow myself to buy physical books of. They are Japanese literature, sci-fi and in particular dystopia, and LGBT themed books. I love to hunt for interesting books in these genres and I love to discover books I haven’t heard of before! (Recommendations always welcome!)

I also definitely have a genre that my friends know as ‘my genre’: Japanese literature. Whenever we go book shopping, they will alert me when they see something written by a Japanese author. It has become a thing. (Actually, when we go shopping with my book club, everyone has a go-to genre and we’re all keeping an eye out for each other. We have a pretty good idea of what everyone likes!) Without the watchful eyes of my friends, my J-lit shelf wouldn’t be what it is now 😉

My taste in books has definitely changed over time. I used to be big on historical fiction. I still enjoy it but I don’t really search for books in this genre any more. I’ve always loved fantasy on the whole but I have become very picky and no longer read just any fantasy novel. For example, I used to love fantasy with witches and witchcraft and I realllyyyy don’t care about that these days… And I’ve become more picky when it comes to classics. Overall I really have a better idea of what I like these days!

Finally, I admit there are genres that I outright avoid. Romance novels (not novels in other genres that happen to have romance, but downright romance novels), erotica… I don’t really care about ‘chicklit’. I read a lot of YA, but only because of other genres the books fall into (i.e. YA/LGBT, YA/dystopia). I avoid most other YA…

I am picky, the end.

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  1. I don’t read straight-up romance either, but I do like the occasional chick lit… which is just romance with a different face. It’s weird, but I guess I feel like “real” romance novels take themselves too seriously whereas chick lit is just light and fun. *shrugs*
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    1. At first I changed my taste a lot too but I think I’ve stuck with the same genres for a while now. I have definitely gone through a contemporary fiction phase in the past, and I still enjoy the genre a lot 🙂

  2. Going shopping with a book club sounds awesome! I tend to be that person for other people, but normally they say “oh this looks interesting” and I’ve already bought it (and probably haven’t got round to reading it yet…)

    I need way more LGBT stuff. I think most of mine is Josh Lanyon, David Levithan, Malinda Lo and Laura Lam…
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    1. Trust me that definitely happens to us too 😛 Some days will be all “got it… got it… got it… got it… Oh? Oh right, got it…” hahaha

      I still want to read Laura Lam’s books! And I need to read moe by Levithan and Lo… I hadn’t heard of Josh Lanyon before so I’ll check him out 🙂

    1. A lot of LGBT is m/m romance/erotica 🙁 and I think for a large part aimed at a certain audience (mostly heterosexual women, which I don’t have a problem with but I steer clear from these books).
      But there are some real gems out there! I’ll make a list for you soon but in the mean time you can check out my LGBT tag:

  3. I used to read nothing but fantasy or maybe a bit of sci-fi, but I am coming around now. I used to read a lot of series as a kid, from Blyton to Brezina, they all had more than 10 books in the series. They were all life-like, meaning no supernatural additions. The only one like that back then was HP which introduced me to magic and all and I loved it since then. I had mostly read fantasy, magic, stuff like that.
    This year though I’m trying a bunch of new things: back to adult fiction, historical fiction, GLBT books, romance and erotica even. I try to mix it up, follow recommendations, and I wasn’t too disappointed so far! Mixing it up helps because I get sick of a genre super quickly. So mixing romance and crime and fantasy and YA and adult was great for me.
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