The TBR Jar

The TBR Jar

It all started with a jar…
A jar without cookies. I haven’t bought cookies in years (no exaggeration) and this poor jar was just standing on my kitchen shelf empty. And I really liked the idea of creating a TBR jar…

Why a TBR jar? Admittedly lately I do not run into this problem often, but sometimes I just stand in front of my bookshelves with absolutely no clue what to read. There’s either too much I want to read RIGHT AWAY, or everything seems kind of meh.

So off I went, out to buy colourful paper to start my little project! I cut the paper into little note size pieces.


And then came the fun: going through my shelves and writing down every title on a little note. Then folding it and dropping it into the jar! I’ve also seen people rolling them with a little bow around it, or even star origami! But since I have to add probably around 200 titles to the jar (YES I KNOW orz) those methods would just take up too much space ^^;


Now, I admit I haven’t finished yet. I still have some shelves left to go. As for series, I only wrote down the first title in the series that I haven’t read yet.

And I also admit I will not use this jar for every single book I’m going to read (because challenges, and sometimes I just know exactly what I want to read), which means at some point I will pull out a title that I’ve already read, but that’s okay. I will keep adding newly acquired books to the jar though, so besides the double titles I will try to keep it up to date.

Doesn’t it look pretty though?


6 thoughts on “The TBR Jar

  1. This is such a cool idea, and so useful at times. I know what you mean by either READ IT ALL! or EVERYTHING SUCKS. XD I have the same phases 😀 I could use a jar like this as well but I have so many ARCs I have to focus on those before I can read something for me, and by then I’ll have so many ‘wants’ it won’t be hard to pick. I have a system of alternating between ‘musts’ and ‘wants’ and it sort of works. I do have mood reads and impulse reads, but rarely.
    Still, this looks fun and pretty so I might get me something similar, too.

    Also, no cookies!? You monster! Go get some 😛
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