Thursday Thoughts: Reading Conditions

Thursday Thoughts: Reading Conditions

Thursday Thoughts Important topic today… Namely… reading conditions 🙂

Is there somewhere you always read or spend the most time reading (ie. your bed, couch, comfy chair)? What time of day do you usually read or is it varied? Are you the type of person who can read with music on? Do you become easily distracted under certain conditions? If so, which conditions? What is your ideal reading setting and situation?

I spend most of my time reading inside. I especially love to read on the couch (picked specifically for reading haha). Sitting there, under a blanket, with some tea or wine and a snack is just perfect! I also like to read a chapter or two in bed before I go to sleep 🙂

Reading spotLast year I moved and now I have my own place, including balcony that’s looking out over a park. I got myself a comfy chair and now I absolutely love reading there when the weather is nice! No distractions, just enjoying the sound of birds (and noisy rose-ringed parakeets chatting to each other) and the outdoors.

I would love to read in the morning but due to my work hours I usually end up reading after dinner for a few hours, and on the weekends. I like having background noises, and honestly I usually turn the TV on, or at the very least some music (unless I’m sitting outside). I only get distracted if I have cleaning left to do. I just can’t read if I have dirty dishes or laundry or if it’s time to clean the pets’ cage!

My ideal situation would be to read in a comfy chair in a beautiful garden. On a sunny day, 28°C, in the shade. With on a little table a nice cold drink with ice. Some sandwiches or sweets. And absolutely nothing planned, no deadlines, no work the next day, a holiday perhaps, or a long weekend? The weather is so nice and it’s June so you can read until 10 in the evening, when dusk falls and bats appear. I could be alone, or my bookloving friends could be there reading books as well. We’d read funny or beautiful passages out loud every once in a while.

What is your ideal setting to read?

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