Thursday Thoughts: Bookshelf Organisation

Thursday Thoughts: Bookshelf Organisation

Thursday Thoughts This week’s topic is a good one!

Do you have a set way of organizing your bookshelves? Do you like your bookshelves to be organized or does it not matter too much to you? Do you store your TBR books and your read books separately or together? What do you think about the rainbow bookshelf organization trend?

I LOVE TALKING ABOUT BOOKSHELVES. And I love looking at everyone’s bookshelf tours. For me, organising my shelves, moving books around, is very therapeutic 😉 I do stick to my system though!

So yes, I have a ~*~system~*~. I’m not sure how much sense it makes to everyone else though. I have a few main categories/genres of interest, and within those I sort my books by author name. I don’t have a special order for books by one author, but series are of course in the right order. Read and TBR books are mixed because, well, my system.

Sounds simple enough, I guess?

I have bookshelves in three places in my house, and my favourite genres and books are in the living room: Sci-fi & fantasy, a variety of contemporary literature, Dutch literature, LGBT, and Japanese literature. Another bookshelf in my living room carries my ‘special’ books, the really beautiful books. In this case my Folio Society books and my Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics.
And then I have this ‘random’ bookshelf in a room-that-will-become-my-library. This bookshelf has children’s books, some classics and some books that I am not crazy about (yet). Also my Japanese books, reference books and non-fiction are there. Basically books that I don’t really have to see every day…

I’m planning a bookshelf tour, probably this weekend, so keep an eye out! 😀

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Bookshelf Organisation

  1. I am glad I am not the only person who has ‘random’ bookshelves in a room that they believe will one day be a library. I have that too and they aren’t really in any particular order, just the books I’m not amazed by or that interested in at the minute. I work in a library so my brain screams at me to organise by genre and then author surname but so far I have resisted that. I just got new bookshelves so I am still trying to decide on an overall order to things. Here’s mine.
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    1. We will work towards that library, won’t we? XD

      I work in a library too but the kind that (in the stacks) sorts books on height… yes, it would save space, but nope, I’m not likely to do that in my personal collection haha.

  2. I have shelves with nothing but manga/Japanese lit on them and a few for my Hungarian books, but most of my mini-shelves are a mix of genres and languages. 🙂 I like to have my favorites where I can see/easily reach them, but other than that I don’t really have a SYSTEM 😀
    I like seeing others’ bookshelves though, so I’ll be looking forward to your “tour” post.
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