Thursday Thoughts: eReaders

Thursday Thoughts: eReaders

Thursday Thoughts Soooo this week’s Thursday Thoughts is actually a different one, namely Cover Changes. A while ago I wrote a post on book covers so I’d like to direct you to that.

This week, instead of talking about covers again, I’ll be going back to an old Thursday Thoughts topics that I missed (because I wasn’t participating yet back in May): eReaders.

Do you own an eReader (or a tablet that you read on)? Do you prefer eReaders or physical books and why? Do you think it is wise to invest in an eReader? If you could only read physical books or an eReader for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?

I own a Kindle and I love it. I wrote a post about my Kindle experience shortly after I got it, back in 2011. Now, three years later, I still absolutely adore it.

Sure, I prefer physical books. They are pretty and collectable, and the reading experience is different. I love reading physical books and I own more physical books than I want to think about and I’m totally in denial about it

But when travelling, physical books are incredibly inconvenient! Heavy and they take up space… and when you expect to finish your book you have to bring more than one, which is more space and weight and what if you didn’t bring an extra book? What will you read?! *panics* Back in the days we had no choice but to bring physical books on vacation. If you weren’t in the mood for a book: sucks. And if you ran out of books to read, you ran out. Too bad, and then you’d spend the rest of the vacation suffering infinite boredom (or perhaps these were just the vacations of my childhood).

These days however, I rarely even consider bringing physical books and I usually only bring my Kindle. Because a) the Kindle is light-weight and conveniently sized and b) there’s so many books on my Kindle that there will always be something I want to read!

Would I recommend buying an eReader? YES! At least… if you read fiction or other linear literature. While I’m sure there are ereaders out there that handle reference works and text books better, the Kindle for sure doesn’t. For example, in that post I wrote in 2011 about the Kindle, I mentioned reading PDFs on it. Well… reading PDFs is a pain on the Kindle 3G. And imagine browsing a text book! Nope nope nope…

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  1. I’ve got a Kindle and a Kobo and neither really handles PDFs that well. It really annoys me because they claim they do, but when you actually try… nope. I still get books in dead tree as well as ebook, and actually I swing between finding one or the other more convenient. At the moment it’s paper books, I think because of the tactile aspect. On the other hand, I volunteer in a clinic and it’s okay, relatively subtle, for me to read on my Kobo while it’s not busy. But I can’t imagine reading a dead tree book — it would be so much more obviously ‘don’t disturb me’, and I’m there to be disturbed. Context, I guess!

    As a kid I used to take whole boxes of books on weekend trips. And still had to buy more at the location. Whoops?
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  2. I totally agree with you! No idea where this e-reader hate is coming from these days but it’s stupid. I have had my Kindle for years now and love it. It’s practical and convenient, and I am super glad I can take it with me when I travel. On commute, I always had my Kindle. Imagine dragging around ASoIaF books! I used to, and a cover bent, not to mention they are massive! So having a Kindle for that is much better.
    I love physical books more as well, they look good, you can flip them around, it’s much easier to check the maps in books etc., but I have nothing against e-readers. Reading is reading, no matter how you do it.
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