Thursday Thoughts: Monthly TBR Lists

Thursday Thoughts: Monthly TBR Lists

Thursday Thoughts I LOVE talking about TBR lists! I love looking at my TBR pile, even if it’s depressing at times haha. But thinking more about TBR lists…

Do you make a small TBR list every month? If so, how strict are you on following your TBR? If not, why not/have you tried it before? Do you feel like making a regular TBR each month (or other increment of time) helps or hurts your reading habits? [TBR = To Be Read]

Honestly, I don’t have monthly TBR lists that I stick to closely. My TBR lists usually take the shape of reading events, such as theme months. Like Japanese Literature Month: I know I will read J-lit and I vaguely know which books I want to read, but I don’t pick every book beforehand.

I have my infamous ‘TBR Shortlist‘, which is basically a list of books that I want to read soon-ish. Books that are higher up on my list than other books I have yet to read. And this list is ever-changing, basically. Is it working?

NOPE haha.

So why do I not stick to a TBR list? Sometimes I simply don’t feel like reading a certain book, and chances are high I won’t enjoy the book as much when I’d start reading it anyway. I admire people who can stick to their TBR list!

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  1. I also have a shortlist, pulled from my massive TBR. It does work pretty well for me. I add new titles to it once a month, but I’m not dead set on what I’m going to read in any given month, as long as it comes from that list. So this allows me to strategically make my way through my TBR while still having the freedom to read what I want.
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  2. Same with me… I know my mood can change and all of the sudden, I won’t want to read *that* book anymore. Or not now. It happened with the Hollow City. I had been waiting for it for weeks at the library when I got it but I was not in the mood anymore. It was not the right time. I gave it back!
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    1. Haha isn’t that the worst though? It happens to me too… I can be really excited about a book coming out soon, and then it’s out and I’ve finally bought it and… meh, not in the mood.

      1. Yes I felt all lame :/ I did give the book back early because I imagined other people waiting. But for a moment I really tried hard to *feel* enthousiastic about the book. Didn’t work. 😀

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