Thursday Thoughts: Book Hype

Thursday Thoughts: Book Hype

Thursday Thoughts Book hypes… oh dear, we all know them, and we all fall for them at times. So that’s this week’s Thursday Thoughts topic:

If a book is over-hyped does it make you want to read it more, less, or does it not effect you whatsoever? Do you think book-hype helps or hurts new releases? Do you think book-hype can sometimes skew or taint people’s opinions on a book? What was the most recent over-hyped up book you can recall?

For me, it really depends on the type of hype. If many of my friends – whose opinions in books I trust – end up liking a hyped book I am very likely to try it. And I often end up enjoying it too! The same goes for book blogs that I enjoy and trust. An example of a hyped book series that I ended up loving is The Hunger Games. Once my friends/fellow book club members started reading it and really enjoyed it, I tried it and I don’t regret it.

But lately I also see hypes going around book blogs in a different way. Suddenly many blogs are reviewing and liking the same book in the same week/month. I don’t usually follow these blogs for exactly this reason. I never quite trust this kind of ‘hype’. I know often the publisher has sent the same book to a large group of bloggers for review. Frankly I skip these reviews (because who wants to read 10 reviews for the same book?) and these books altogether.

There have been quite a few books where I ‘fell for the hype’. Divergent for example is one where I had high hopes, Twilight is another hyped book but instead my expectations were low (and they were met, haha). I will probably continue to fall for hypes also in the future, but I’ve become careful…

I do think book-hype helps new releases. There will probably be more people who do want to buy it than people who avoid it because of the hype…

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  1. I definitely fall for book hypes, it’s what made me read Twilight. I enjoyed those a little at one point but once I thought back on it I realised that I didn’t actually like them. I hated the main characters, thought the romance was laughable and felt that the writing was awful. I think the hype made me feel like I had to pretend to love it. Not good. I recently read We Were Liars and was happy that the hype was actually deserved for that one. Here’s my post, my answer is at the bottom of post :).
    Reviews from a Bookworm recently posted… Films for Thoughts on Thursday: GodzillaMy Profile

    1. I’m definitely looking at hyped books more critically these days. Guess what’s why Divergent didn’t do it for me 🙁
      I feel a bit cheated if I don’t like a hyped book haha XD

      Hm, I want to try out We Were Liars, I’m hearing good things about it 🙂

  2. I try to focus less on how much attention the book is getting and more on what it’s getting attention for. If everyone’s just running around going, “This book is so great!” that doesn’t help me much. But if it looks like a book I might like, and the things people are saying about it are things I like, then the hype might help push it to the top of my TBR a little sooner.
    Charleen recently posted… ITW Must-Reads: Invasion of the Body SnatchersMy Profile

    1. Agreed! I won’t read just any hyped book, it at least has to fall into a genre I enjoy 🙂 I guess lately I’m falling most for hyped books in the dystopia genre ^^;

  3. I LOVE that you brought up the whole review copies thing. I think now-a-days some books are getting lots of hype by default. The kind of hype where everyone is just reading and reviewing the same book because they were all sent it at the same time can be totally confusing. Great post! I loved hearing your opinions! Thank for for participating in Thursday Thoughts!
    Ashley @ Ok, Let’s Read recently posted… Thursday Thoughts || Book HypeMy Profile

    1. Totally confusing indeed! And to be honest the result is that I’m less interested in reading the blogs, and the books 🙁 Not because I believe by default the book is bad, but because I get so tired of seeing it all over the place. It just seems counter productive…

      Thanks for hosting the Thursday Thoughts btw 😀 I love it!

  4. I’m contrary so when a book is all of a sudden everywhere as a must read I tend to dig my heels in and refuse to read it. I’ll change my mind sometimes when I see a review that really breaks down why the reviewer liked it and the reasons are things that I relate to. If the reviews are specific than to me they’re worthless. Very interesting topic!
    Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library recently posted… At Home – TBR ReviewMy Profile

    1. Agreed, it definitely also depends on the review! And for me, who’s reading it 🙂 I trust my friends’ judgement, so if they like it… 😉

  5. It’s true that even though I usually don’t fall for marketing-hype, I get easily convinced by family and friends to read something they suggest or offer to me. I guess it’s because we can talk about it afterward.
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