Thursday Thoughts: Book Buying Ban

Thursday Thoughts: Book Buying Ban

Thursday Thoughts I’m slightly late to the party and today is a Monday and not a Thursday, but I found Thursday Thoughts through Plethora and I love their topics! So I decided to participate, and I might even revisit old topics (as I said, they are really interesting and I have ~*~opinions~*~).

Have you ever put yourself on a book buying ban? Do you believe that book buying bans actually can make a difference? At what point do you decide that it’s really time to put yourself on a book buying ban?

I am currently on a book buying ban. More or less, that is. I realised I have far too many unread books on my shelf, and far too little shelf space. Moreover, it would be nice to save up some extra money, so the logical conclusion was that I needed a book buying ban.

For me, they do make a difference. My book buying ban started in February and I have bought very few books since then. So yes, I admit, I bought books 😉 But far fewer than usual (perhaps 5 or 6?) and only books that I really wanted and that were really cheap. I did obtain quite a few books for free though, so shelf space-wise I failed miserably.

My book buying ban tactics are as follows: cheat myself into not buying books! I don’t enter book stores, or at least not without supervision (I tell friends/family that they have to stop me if I am holding a book, and it helps that -sadly- the used book store in my town closed earlier this year). And I convince myself that online shopping isn’t worth it (it helps that Amazon and Awesomebooks got rid of free shipping, and I’m ignoring Book Depository’s existence).

I will openly break my book buying ban on August 3rd, when the Deventer Book Fair (a book market held on the first Sunday of August with nearly 900 book stands!!!) will be held. As well as I’m doing with this book buying ban, I must say… I can’t wait!

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  1. I only buy a handful of books a year anyway, so I honestly don’t have a need for a book-buying ban. Sometimes, though, I’ll purposely stop reading reviews, so that my TBR list will stop growing faster than I keep up. So… same idea, just without the physical items or money involved.
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