Top Ten Tuesday: Five Authors I Auto-Buy From

Top Ten Tuesday: Five Authors I Auto-Buy From

Top Ten Tuesday This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is a free pick. I had to think about it for a while, but then decided on this one. Which authors would I ‘auto-buy’ from? In other words, which authors would I automatically buy anything from, no matter the book? I’m actually loyal to quite a few authors… be it their old works or anything they are going to release soon. I haven’t even necessarily read all of their books yet, but what I’ve read I love so much I will read about anything 😉

Top Five Authors I Auto-Buy From

Haruki Murakami J.K. Rowling Carlos Ruiz Zafón

  1. Haruki Murakami
    This one was obvious, huh. The only reason I haven’t read everything yet is because I want to cherish the experience of reading everything for the first time. So I’m going through his work slowly… to give him some time to catch up and write more books that I will just go out and buy no matter what.
  2. J.K. Rowling
    She got me with Harry Potter. And I enjoyed The Casual Vacancy. I still have to read The Cuckoo’s Calling but… soon!
  3. Carlos Ruiz Zafón
    I love Zafón’s work. Be it The Cemetery of Forgotten Books series, or his young adult novels. I’m almost caught up with only Marina left to go. Hurry up, Zafón! I want to spend my money!
  4. Neil Gaiman
    I haven’t read nearly as much of his work as I’d like, but I love what I’ve read and Gaiman is an awesome person. All the ingredients for auto-buying.
  5. A shared #5: Banana Yoshimoto and Donna Tartt
    Yoshimoto is climbing up on my list of favourite authors. I LOVE her style. When I run out of English translations I can even cope with her style in Japanese so keep ’em coming, Yoshimoto! And Tartt got me with The Secret History and didn’t disappoint me with The Goldfinch. I still have to read The Little Friend but I’llbuyanythingIdon’tevencare.

Neil Gaiman Banana Yoshimoto Donna Tartt

(Look at all these photogenic authors!)

Do you have authors that you support no matter what and that you pretty much auto-buy from?

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Five Authors I Auto-Buy From

  1. Great topic idea! It’s so much fun seeing what everyone came up with during this “freebie” week!
    I’ve never read anything by Gaiman but I keep seeing quotes by him about literacy and reading that I just love–I do have a couple of his books on my TBR list.
    I liked Tartt’s Little Friend and REALLY liked Secret History, but I’m pretty intimidated to start Goldfinch–in fact, I just wrote a post about that very thing yesterday!
    bookmammal recently posted… Top Ten Tuesday–10 Samples From My TBR ShelfMy Profile

    1. Ohh I see you have something by Gaiman on your list 😀 But warning… American Gods is really good 😉

      Somehow I was a bit intimidated by The Goldfinch too. Once I started reading it was an easy read but also seemed to go on forever… Not sure if that’s making sense haha.

    1. It gets even better because he writes magical realism! 😀 If you’re gonna start reading Murakami, start with Kafka on the Shore 🙂

    1. Which books by Murakami did you read and which one was your favourite?

      I haven’t read anything by Rainbow Rowell yet but I’ll pick up Fan Girl soon 🙂

  2. Banana Yoshimoto is on my auto buy list as well! I have a whole shelf full of her books 🙂 I also love Neil Gaiman and am currently thinking about giving Donna Tartt a try (I think I’ll start with The Secret History)

    My top five auto buy authors are: Stephen King, Yoshimoto, Nick Hornby, Kelley York and Benjamin Alire Sáenz (I own only three of his books, but I’m planning to buy MORE). + Hannah Moskowitz 😉

    And yes, I love how photogenic they are! <3
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    1. The Secret History is definitely the best book to start with imho 😀 It’s really good!

      I want to read more by Benjamin Alire Sáenz, obviously because of Ari & Dante 😉 What type of books does he write on the whole? 🙂

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