Book haul and… book buying ban

Book haul and… book buying ban

Argh, winter just does something to me. Apparently I cannot cope and buy tons of books, or something. I just can’t help myself! So let me start off by saying: I’m putting myself on a book buying ban starting NOW, until the yearly book market in Deventer in August. YES, AUGUST. I cannot go into book stores, I am blocking online stores. No more books! I’m stronger than this! I swear! *cries* 😉

Now, my last book haul. Yesterday I went to Boekenfestijn. This is a three day book market that is held in a different location in the Netherlands and Belgium every month. It’s huge, held in a large hall, and all books are discounted. The Netherlands has the fixed book price, so books can only be discounted because they are damaged, or ‘ramsj’: new books that are permanently discounted because they don’t sell well or for another reason. So this event is a good opportunity to buy Dutch books at a usually non-existent discount, but they also sell English books.

So obviously I bought books.
Book haul
I’m quite happy with my haul! An unexpected Soseki, Chinese sci-fi, a Christmas story (that my book club has been wanting to read for Christmas since forever), a few novels, more sci-fi, and the Odyssey and Illiad to have more comparison for the read-along. I’m curious about Ali Shaw’s The Girl with Glass Feet that many Dutch bloggers seem excited about, so I figured why not? And finally The Barcelona of Carlos Ruiz Zafón: a guide, because I love Zafón’s books and I do intend to visit Barcelona some day… Maybe next year?

Also this sparkly little book arrived on my doorstep. I had been looking forward to this one for a long time so I’m happy 😉
Fortunately, the milk

You can now place bets on how long my book buying ban will last!

6 thoughts on “Book haul and… book buying ban

  1. I love the cover on the Neil Gaiman book! I want a copy now.

    I’d be crazy to think few books you just grabbed would curtail any buying until August. Something always catches my eye. I have found that I really need to buy the history books I want to read, borrowing them from the library is too time constraining and I don’t do as well with notes from my kindle version because I am always wanting to reference back and forth.

    However, good luck until August!
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    1. If only these books were the only ones to have entered my home this year… 😉

      I have no illusions I can keep up this ban until August haha. My weak point is getting a good deal. If I can get a good deal I’m pretty much lost. Not getting a membership at my public library was a conscious decision because my TBR pile is huge as it is 🙁

  2. My large TBR has yet to deter book buying or borrowing from the library.

    Borrowing has allowed me to forego some purchases, which helps since history books tend to be expensive, so if I can save on the fiction it helps.

    The deals are hard to ignore! Why not pat $ today while you have the chance, later you may have to spend $$$$. 😉
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    1. I work at an academic library so I can at least borrow most reference works and some literature, but… yeah. I just like books on my shelf, especially novels and the likes 😉

      Argh, you’re just another enabler! XD Just like every other book enthusiast 😛

        1. Oh man, I never would have guessed 🙁
          Oh well, no running away now huh 😉

          Yes, yes, you are making a valid point! Also, what if *gasp* there’s not enough to read! We must prevent that from ever happening!

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