The Odyssey Read-along

The Odyssey Read-along

Odyssey read-along
Admittedly I haven’t been actively participating in any Classics Club events, including the spin… Thankfully, Plethora of Books is, and her result this time is The Odyssey. And even better, she is making it a read-along!

Since I have been wanting to read all of The Odyssey for a long time, I decided to join her. Check out Plethora of Books for more information!

The schedule:
Feb 11 – Feb 15
Background Information Prep
Feb 16 – Feb 22 Books I – IV (pg 27-87: 61) – This section deals primarily with Odysseus’ son Telemachos
Feb 23 – Mar 1 Books V – VIII (pg 88-136: 49) – Odysseus leaving Kalypso island and journeys to Scheria
Mar 2 – Mar 8 Books IX – XII (pg 137-197: 61) – Flashbacks from Odysseus’ from Troy to Kalypso island
Mar 9 – Mar 15 Books XIII – XVII (pg 198-269: 72) – This is start of Odysseus’ narrative home to Ithaka
Mar 16 – Mar 22 Books XVIII – XXII (pg 270-334: 65) – continuation of Odysseus’ narrative
Mar 23 – Mar 29 Books XXIII – XXIV (pg 335-359: 25) – Conclusion and resolutions
Mar 30 – Apr 2 Wrap-up

The Illiad & The Odyssey
(Aahhh it’s so beautiful! I can’t help but love the Barnes & Noble leatherbound classics…)

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  1. Yes, but only because I know I won’t be able to fit 4 books into one post (too long). So I’m reading 2 books at a time and posting then. Basically my first two books each week will be posted early, but by the time I post the last two at the end of the week, everyone else will be posting on four and we’ll be going at the same pace. Does that make sense? 🙂

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