Running for your life

Well over a year ago I started running. The reason behind it is still a bit of a mystery to me. For years I’ve proclaimed that I absolutely refuse to run. Even though I love exercise and being outside, for a long time I still stubbornly refused to run. I believed running was one of those things that was just not suitable for me, that I just wouldn’t like it, and wouldn’t be good at it, and… However, I think it’s that same stubbornness that got me running in the end. Because what do you mean I can’t do the thing?! I will prove to you that I can do the thing.

After two false starts (a running related knee injury and an unrelated ankle injury) I finally got to a decent level of running, thanks to the Couch25K program. There are a lot of apps out there for different operating systems that help you get from zero to running 5k straight in a couple of months. Couch25K got me from a complete non-runner to running 35 minutes/6K non-stop in about three months (technically the program is 8 weeks, but running three times a week was incompatible with my schedule soooo…).

These days I’m running anywhere from 8k-10k twice a week (apparently anything is possible). Still, my attention span for anything is… short, at best. I have this newfound love for running, but how on earth am I going to stay interested?

Apparently the answer is: getting chased by zombies.
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Language Log #1: Contemplating languages

I am a linguaphile. I am completely intrigued by languages. I love looking at the links between different languages, similarities and differences, language jokes and memes, and yes, I love learning languages.

What I am most definitely not: a talented polyglot.

There are many things that get in the way of learning languages properly, but they can mostly be summarised: I have a terribly short attention span, lose interest quickly, and have very little discipline. As a result I end up doing most things half-assed. Case in point: learning languages. I always envy polyglots who work at languages systematically and end up being very decent, if not fluent at them (although everyone has a different definition of fluency and that’s a topic for another time). Me? I’m decent at best, and at worst completely hopeless.

I want to learn all the languages and I want to be really, really good at them.

But at some point the reality of the situation dawned on me:

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Aaaaaand it’s back!

Hello everyone! Well, looks like I am reviving this blog!

I’ve taken some time to rework the lay-out and am quite satisfied with it (click here if you’re reading from an RSS reader!)

Content-wise I’ve decided to keep most book related posts – the reviews and reading challenges and such.

I am branching out however! I realised I don’t necessarily want to stop talking about books, but I do want to start talking about all the other things I love. More about language learning, more about all kinds of pop culture, more about the trazillion other (mostly geeky) things and projects that I occupy myself with on a daily basis.

Don’t expect too many posts too often. I am going the Slow Blogging way! I just really want to share the things I am excited about with you, and see where that leads me. In the near future I will also be working on making all content more easy to find, as well as making this blog more accessible.

Last but not least, I will be taking requests again. Anything you want me to try out and talk about? Be it books, podcasts, apps, etc etc. If you think I’ll be interested, give it a shot and contact me!


Hi all. I think the time has come to do the inevitable, and that is… quitting.

I am still a voracious reader. I still love books. But frankly I lost interest in book blogging a long time ago (when many of my favourite book bloggers quit) and probably should have stopped much sooner.

I’ve moved all my book reviews to my Goodreads profile. By all means come follow me there!

I’m now looking into which other content I want to keep and then I’m pulling the plug. It’s time for a new project (although god knows what that’s going to be) and this blog will eventually be re-purposed 😉

2016 Reading Stats & Favourites

Okay this is embarrassing. This post has been in my drafts since… well, 2016. And now it’s suddenly March. Anyway, time to look back on 2016, and give you some statistics as well!

I have no idea how I feel about 2016. My year started out horribly, so the only way was up. Minus the first few months, 2016 was a good year for me personally, with plenty of traveling and stability in my professional life. But beyond that, 2016 was rather crap wasn’t it? Politically (but I won’t go into that) as well as seeing all my favourite celebrities pass away, mostly unexpectedly, at ages far too young…

While I won’t say I was angry at the world, I did often give the world the middle finger and stood firmly for what I believe in. One big fuck you was given through my reading. As my personal revenge on the world, this year I have been reading almost exclusively books by and about women, LGBTQIA+ and PoC. When I was reading all the ‘official’ end-of-year lists by the big media, I regretted this not a bit. All lists, both international as well as national, are dominated by white men. I swear, I have yet to encounter a ‘big’ list that is made up of more than 30% women, for starters. How completely unimaginative and lazy. Fuck that.

Anyway! As every year, I set out to read 52 books and was already far ahead early in the year. My reading slowed down in the last quarter of the year as I was just too busy (busy having fun, mostly, no complaining there!). I still ended up reading 77 books.

This is what Goodreads looks like for 2016:

You can see all the books I read in 2016 here, or you can take a look at my Goodreads Year in Books.

And here are my reading stats for 2016:
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